On-Line Help for CICS Users

HELP/KEY is a simple but highly-efficient CICS-based software product that enables you, whether you are a programmer or an end-user, to easily create and maintain help in

  • pop-up windows
  • full screen helps
  • on-line manuals
  • You can incorporate help facilities into your applications wherever and whenever you need them with no programming or re-linking required. For the information services department, HELP/KEY significantly reduces the volume of questions from users and removes the burden of developing and maintaining on-line help and documentation facilities for on-line applications. HELP/KEY enables end users to create and maintain their own on-line help and documentation facilities for their own applications so that these facilities exactly match their needs, their budget, and their schedule. They no longer have to wait for an answer from the technical staff; information is available at the touch of the help key.

    Users can easily create and maintain help screens interactively and with no knowledge of CICS. In fact, help screens can even be created on a PC and then up-loaded to the mainframe. You can develop help screens for a single field, many fields, or all fields on a particular screen. You can quickly convert your word processing documents to help screens that users can access on the mainframe.

    Helps can be invoked on the basis of a screen's context or the position of the cursor. You can quickly use windowing techniques to overlay a portion of your application screen and be confident that no data will be lost. Help screens may be chained so that complete tutorials can be created.

    HELP/KEY uses standard Command Level CICS and is compatible with all current releases of CICS running under the VSE and MVS operating systems.

    Download Help/Key General Information Document (zip file of 13K)