What is Euro/Express ?

EURO/EXPRESS is a software product to assist installations in tackling the changes required to ensure all of their systems will be EURO currency compliant. EURO/EXPRESS consists of two distinct components Impact Analysis and Program Edit. The Impact Analysis will analyze code in any language including Cobol, PL/1, Assembler, C++, Java, Mantis, Ideal, Natural, Focus, JCL, Easytrieve, Mark IV etc. The analysis takes place on the mainframe and produces a variety of reports and then enables the source analyzed to be edited using the powerful EURO/EXPRESS TSO/ISPF based Program Edit facility. EURO/EXPRESS is able to analyze source code residing on MVS PDS's (partitioned data sets) and also on Panvalet and Endevor libraries.

Why you need Euro/Express

Many Mainframe installations face a large workload to ensure their Legacy Systems are EURO currency compliant. Every computer installation has to carry out major maintenance work on their programs, currency sensitive code will need to be identified, analyzed, amended and tested. EURO/EXPRESS was designed to help reduce the workload for this enormous task.

Euro/Express Impact Analysis

The Impact Analysis provided with EURO/EXPRESS allows you to either analyze your programs and copybooks directly as a Mainframe function. Once the impact analysis has taken place it will enable you to determine the scale of the problem you have and producing detailed reports to assist your programmers in actually making the changes.

Euro/Express Program Edit

The EURO/EXPRESS Program Edit facility works in conjunction with the Impact Analysis. When programs are selected for analysis the user can optionally request that they be prepared for Program Edit. When the analysis process has been completed the programs can be edited under the control of EURO/EXPRESS with easy search and insert facilities built-in to cut down the time required to locate and make changes.

EURO/EXPRESS PowerPoint Presentation