Alternate Currency Displays for CICS Users

With the advent of the Single European Currency (EURO) on the 1st January 1999, many companies have had to make changes to their Legacy Applications both for business and cosmetic reasons. Euro/Key offers a quick and simple solution to this problem for ALL your CICS applications.

With absolutely no programming and a minimal amount of set up work, Euro/Key will enable any amount in any currency on any CICS screen to be displayed in an alternative currency. All a user will need to do is press the installation defined Euro/Key whilst viewing the CICS screen in question.

Euro/Key is very simple to use, anyone, whether an end user or a programmer, can easily and quickly develop and maintain Euro/Key entries. End users will immediately reap the benefits of Euro/Key with alternative currency figures available instantly.

Euro/Key uses standard Command Level CICS and is compatible with all current releases of CICS running under the VSE and MVS operating systems. It supports all models of 3270-type terminals running under the BTAM or VTAM access methods. Euro/Key entries can be built with full colour and use all highlighting attributes. Euro/Key uses one VSAM file to store all its components.

EURO/KEY PowerPoint Presentation