What is Euro/File ?

EURO/FILE is a software product designed to assist users to perform currency conversion maintenance tasks on their files and databases. EURO/FILE allows you to investigate and update currency fields on your files and databases and convert them to another currency using a series of simple to use ISPF panels. There is also the facility to perform validation on currency fields to ensure they conform to the field specifications and also the ability to determine whether currency conversion will cause any field size conflicts. Support is available for access and direct update of Sequential, VSAM, IMS/DB, DB2 and IDMS files and databases.

EURO/FILE is very simple to use, definitions of files are created containing the fields that are required for actual EURO/FILE processing to be performed. The user defines the actions to be carried out by EURO/FILE using a simple set of panels. EURO/FILE reporting and updating and conversion of files/databases takes place in batch with control reports detailing statistics for the run.

Why do you need Euro/File ?

Every mainframe installation will need to be able to convert currency fields on files and databases, both in production and test environments. As part of EURO conversion projects it will be necessary to have test files and ultimately live files converted. With EURO/FILE the time taken to complete these tasks will be substantially reduced.

Whether the requirement is to create a test version of a file with a simple subset of records, check whether currency conversion will cause field size problems, check currency fields for valid data, EURO/FILE can perform all these tasks!

Once installed and running EURO/FILE will soon become an invaluable aid to your EURO project team. EURO/FILE is simple to install, simple to learn and simple to use, operations and programming staff will quickly appreciate the tasks it can perform.

EURO/FILE PowerPoint Presentation